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"Ilan Morgenstern, an accomplished musician in his own right, is handcrafting Morningstar Mutes for the discerning trombonist. When I requested a mute with quicker or more centered response- Ilan knew what I wanted and sent me a choice of mutes to work with. My only problem was that I like both the mutes he sent me. So I had to buy both. Excellent craftsmanship. Morningstar Mutes are versatile and worth it."


John Ilika, Principal Trombone, North Carolina Symphony, Artist Faculty, Trombone, UNC School of the Arts

"I have tried nearly every mute out there over the years. Nearly every metal mute I've tried has a "problem zone". Some of the mutes made from non-conventional materials play exceptionally well, but don't seem to work in the section unless others are playing the same mute. Morningstar Mutes have exceptional response, and evenness of sound across registers and dynamics while still having a "traditional" mute sound and blending in a section of metal mutes. They are also light weight making the horn balance as if there were no mute in the bell. (and not as likely to fall out) And the best part is they won't break your bank account!!"

Harold Van Schaik, Bass Trombone, The Florida Orchestra

"I tried the new Morningstar mutes at the International Trombone Festival in Salt Lake City this past summer. I wasn't looking for yet another mute, but I had to leave with one! I was instantly impressed with the great response and consistency through the range. Great low range down into pedals. Pitch is good too. Some mutes made out of different materials are OK for solo or chamber playing, but don't blend well with metal mutes, but I've found mine works well with the brass section. I think the metal plate on the bottom gives enough "zing" to match the others. This is a good product - I highly recommend it!"

James Scott, Principal Tromobne, The Calgery Philharmonic

"You can play all the notes!"

Gabe Rice, Boston Freelance Artist, Boston University

"Most of the bass trombone mutes I’ve tried out and used regularly force me into a situation where I have to compromise for something. Do I want a great sound/colour/feel at the expense of ergonomics or do I want great ergonomics but a poor sound quality? Do I want a great low register but a dead upper register and vice versa? Those were the questions I’d have to ask every time. With these mutes Ilan has bridged the gaps in my opinion. With the variety of high quality materials and options available one is able to tailor a mute to precisely suit their needs. What makes these mutes a must have for me is that Ilan put so much time effort and care into the development process and what he offers has gone through the most rigorous adjustments imaginable to find the true winner which believe he has achieved."

Eric Prodger, Principal Bass Trombone, Winnipeg Symphony

"I am absolutely thrilled with Morningstar mutes! They are a game-changer – lightweight, impeccably in tune, and effortlessly responds, even in the low register where most mutes fall short. Ilan's customer service is unparalleled. He not only goes above and beyond to ensure satisfaction but is also excited to explore and implement new ideas. Morningstar mutes have truly enhanced my playing experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow musicians. Hats off to Ilan for creating such exceptional products and providing outstanding service!"

James Albrecht, Professor of Trombone, University of Nevada Reno

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