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Trombone Mutes

Friends, each mute is made to order: Please allow 21 days for shipping.   Kindly reach out if you have any questions or a deadline you need met.  With thanks!

Bass Trombone Straight Mute


available with or without handle in Aluminium, Brass, Copper, and Plastic bottoms, this mute is to me the easiest playing mute I've ever owned.  By a mile.  And it's not just me. Don't belive me? Just check out the testimonials  page!

P.S. My fav is the Copper. Warm and clear.  But I really do like them all!


Tenor Trombone Straight Mute

available with or without handle in Aluminium, Brass, Copper, and Plastic bottoms.

I don't trust myself with the finer points of tenor trombone mutes.  My first attempt, to just scale down the bass trombone mute, didn't work at all.  So I spent a lot of time collaborating with leading trombone players and listening to colleagues play prototypes.  After all that I am now confident this is not just a good mute but a GREAT straight mute. But don't take my word for it: Check out the testimonials page!

Bass Trombone Cup Mute

This one took some doing! Three features make this mute special:  The semi-soft cup that can be stuffed into any backpack, the neck design that helps give more focused feedback, and the blended cup shape, giving both the traditional sound and modern clarity. Actually, there's a couple more but I'll keep those to myself.



Tailor your Morningstar Bass Trombone Cup Mute sound with the available with LW Fiber Bottom, Aluminium, Brass and Copper Bottoms as well.  Wood bottom coming soon!

Tenor Trombone Cup Mute

Even and warm and with a good low register!...and a soft cup of course to fit into any backpack. Combining traditional sound and modern clarity. I'm very proud of this mute!


For the body of all my mutes I prefer a carbon-fiber infused plastic.  To me it has a texture that's easy to handle, gives the sound a nice color, and gives the player good feedback.  This also gives the mutes a level of durability that is enhanced over regular plastic mutes.

The "corks" I prefer to use are synthetic.  This gives me consistency in material properties and a playability I prefer.  I also mount the "corck" to the mute with adjustable connectors to allow the players to find where the mute plays ultimately for them.

All Plastic mutes have a nice warmth and a sound quality that I still find surprising: somewhere about half way between fiber and metal mutes.

​The Aluminium Bottom mutes provide a clarity of articulation and projection to the sound, but still with a degree of warmth I prefer in all my mutes in order to blend with muted trombones, trumpets, and horns.

Brass Bottom mutes provide a body to the sound that is wider and more dense than aluminium.  This mute still responds with immediacy but has a wider articulation profile.

The stock I use for my Copper Bottom mutes is lighter weight than other makers.  I find it gives me my favorite balance of clarity and warmth.  They  play with clarity of articulation and pitch as all my mutes do, but for me give an added dimension to the sound that I find beautiful. 

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